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Why the militarization of our borders?

Theoretical research project: Why the militarization of our borders? And why the continual attacks on our democratic political rights? Under Bush, one might have thought that these were temporary policies, him pandering to his wacko nut-case political base. But the … Continue reading

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A Palestine-Mexico Border

A Palestine-Mexico Border from (title unknown) by jimmy.johnson Nearly 55,000 people have been killed since 2006 in Mexico’s ‘Narcoinsurgency.’ Drug and arms trafficking—going north and south across the international divide—are now the primary concern of U.S. military and homeland security forces and the Mexican Army. … Continue reading

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Photo Essay: A Loud and Silent Border War

Photo Essay: A Loud and Silent Border War from (title unknown) by todd.miller Teaser (Summary): This collection of photographs, taken on the U.S.-Mexico border between Arizona and Texas, depicts the story of an often silent and often deadly war. The photo essay is … Continue reading

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