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Obama’s “Character” and the Crisis in US Foreign Policy

There’s an interesting chronology of US foreign policy statements towards Egypt, Palestine, Pakistan, and elsewhere, at The Embarrassments of Empire Washington Wonders What to Say about Arab Freedom. After a lengthy chronology of the contradictory US statements during the revolution in Egypt, the … Continue reading

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Who are our Friends, Who are our Enemies?

A famous 20th century political figure said that that was the central question of politics: if you are confused about that, nothing else really matters. So in Madison Wisconsin, how would we analyze the role of the Obama administration? The … Continue reading

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US Hands Off Libya!

The following article from Jonathan Wright makes the valid point that the US should not intervene to “help” the Libyan people. I wholeheartedly agree! But for different reasons: I understand the US (and EU) to be imperialist powers that strive … Continue reading

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The Push of Conscience and Secretary Clinton

The Push of Conscience and Secretary Clinton by Ray McGovern, February 24, 2011 Email This | Print This | Share This | Antiwar Forum It was not until Secretary of State Hillary Clinton walked to the George Washington University podium last week to enthusiastic … Continue reading

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