You may recognize the phrase that is this blog’s title. That is how I see the world: globalized monopoly capitalism is a threat to humanity.

This blog currently is mainly news clippings from other blogs, that reflect my own understanding of the crisis-points of modern imperialism. The clippings don’t always reflect my own point of view: but they all pierce the veil of lies which we in the USA are subjected to, more than any other industrialized country. If you feel that is overly harsh rhetoric, compare the difference in coverage between CNN shown in the USA, and CNN International.


2 Responses to About

  1. kitchenmudge says:

    Some good articles posted here, but the title of your blog is very confusing. Is it “Worlds”, plural? Why “a” in front of it? If it’s a contraction of “World is”, why no apostrophe?

    • WordPress doesn’t accept apostrophes in titles (I think: I’ll have to check it out again, but that’s usually why I do things like that).
      Glad you like some of the articles, I enjoyed looking through your posts.

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