Global capitalism and 21st century fascism

This link is from an article by William Robinson, who was a prominent Nicaragua anti-intervention activist in the 80ies. The article is a several page analysis.
Whatever you think of Robinson’s overall analysis, the part that is significant for immigrant rights folks is this:
One new structural dimension of 21st century global capitalism is the dramatic expansion of the global superfluous population – that portion marginalized and locked out of productive participation in the capitalist economy and constituting some 1/3rd of humanity. The need to assure the social control of this mass of humanity living in a planet of slums gives a powerful impetus to neo-fascist projects and facilitates the transition from social welfare to social control – otherwise known as “police states”. This system becomes ever more violent.
This provides one possible explanation for the drive to militarize our borders, and militarize our police forces across the US. I’ve had numerous conversations where we have pondered this question: is border militarization just simple corruption, giving the military industrial private prison complex more of our tax dollars? Or is there some more significant policy being implemented?
Think about a world in which the dominant economic order is unable to productively employ a third of the population! This implies that the .01% who control that order have a serious problem on their hands. One solution might be to put those excluded to productive work fixing any of a number of serious social problems, kind of a global New Deal. But imprisoning, building walls, and repressing seems to be more to their taste (and much more profitable).
Anyway, when I read that paragraph, something clicked in my brain: it is really the first rational explanation for the border militarization policy that I have come across.
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