Why the militarization of our borders?

Theoretical research project:

Why the militarization of our borders?

And why the continual attacks on our democratic political rights?

Under Bush, one might have thought that these were temporary policies, him pandering to his wacko nut-case political base. But the situation has worsened substantially under Obama. And the attacks on our democratic rights actually started under Clinton with some of his terrorism laws.

So what is going on? This is not like the Nazis or Fascists, where a group seizes power and implements new unknown forms of repression. It is clearly a policy with an elite consensus: it apparently doesn’t matter which US party is in power.

This is a pretty important political issue with widespread implications for our lives: if in fact our elites have decided on gradual repression and militarization of our society, then in order to fight it, we need to understand their motivations as a first step.

In my opinion it is not just venal corruption: dumping money into the military/prison complex in exchange for lobbyist contributions. It’s not like the Pentagon wasting billions on an airplane that isn’t needed and doesn’t work. I believe it is actually a thought-out policy with goals and objectives.

This article by Michael Klare offers some material rationale for understanding this. I hope to collect more material like this that will shed some light on this.

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