Max Ajl, “One State, Two States: Who is the subject of Palestinian liberation?”

Max Ajl, “One State, Two States: Who is the subject of Palestinian liberation?”

from Mondoweiss by Today in Palestine

Max Ajl, “One State, Two States: Who Is the Subject of Palestinian Liberation?”
In Finkelstein’s explicit demands to water down the struggle lies a tacit recognition that his battalions of disaffected liberals, Jewish and non-Jewish alike, are not the ones capable of fighting an anti-systemic struggle. In another irony, they are not so different from the battalions that those who pin the blame for the occupation merely on the lobby and the foreign influence on our government — and it cannot be stated strongly enough that this is a raw appeal to racist white-power jingoism — assume will liberate Palestine. Both camps appeal to the middle classes to liberate Palestine: the former to its Democratic component, the latter to its Republican one, the former to liberalism, and the latter to nativist nationalism. Rejecting anti-systemic struggle, both refuse to embrace an insurrectionary politics of bottom-up mobilization. Both look for a quick solvent to melt the chains shackling the Palestinian people. That solvent is snake oil. There are no short cuts.
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Special Report | Palestinian home demolitions: the ethnic cleansing that dare not speak its name
Livia Bergmeijer reports on the destruction by Israeli bulldozers earlier today of two Palestinian families’ homes. This is the latest in a long-running pattern across the occupied territories, whose rate and methods, Bergmeijer argues, betray a policy of gradual ethnic cleansing at work.
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