an Israeli connection

an Israeli connection

from The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب by (As’ad AbuKhalil)
“One aspect of Newt Gingrich’s much-scrutinized history with his second wife Marianne Gingrich that does not seem to have been much noted is this:
During much of the time she was married to Newt, Marianne Gingrich was employed by a company that promoted Israeli exports, called the Israel Export Development Council (IEDC), with an office in Florida. Her boss and the counsel for the Israel Export Development Council was an attorney named David Yerushalmi.  Yerushalmi has more recently emerged onto the public radar in a totally different context: as the prime mover behind the anti-shariah movement in the United States, as reported on by the New York Times’ Andrea Elliott last July.   Marianne Gingrich’s ties to Yerushalmi emerged last month in reports on a previously secret FBI bribery investigation dating back to the 1990s. ” (thanks Nader)
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