The Face of the Jewish Klan

The Face of the Jewish Klan

jewish settler terroristThe face of the Jewish Klan

When I saw this picture I reacted with visceral, primitive fear, and then with hate, much the same way I imagine my ancestors must have when they faced odious, powerful, hateful enemies throughout Jewish history, whether they be Romans, Spanish Inquisitors, Nazis or Stalin’s henchmen.  This is an image of Jewish hate.  Jewish terror.  These men could be hooded, on horseback and swinging nooses in front on burning Jewish stars of David.  That would be all that’d be lacking for them to be modern exemplars of the Jewish Klan.

Would that Yeshaia Leibowitz were still alive to spit at these men and call them the name he made famous: Judeonazi.  For that is what they are.

In case anyone seeks to find any humanity in these pogromists, shortly after this picture was taken they fell upon the Israeli and Palestinian activists who’d come to help with the olive harvest and beat many of them senseless with those clubs.  At least one individual suffered broken fingers among other injuries.

I want my religion back.  I am Jewish, not them.  Let us stop calling them Jews and call them Judeans instead.  World, will you save Israel from these monsters before they destroy the State that so many of us love?  Israel clearly cannot or will not save itself.

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