Neocon orgs seek to paint Wall St protests as anti-semitic

Neocon orgs seek to paint Wall St protests as anti-semitic

from Mondoweiss by Philip Weiss

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The Occupy Wall Street movement is aimed at the American Establishment, so it is little wonder that it is having resonance in terms of the Jewish presence in the Establishment. Two neoconservative media orgs are trying to smear the movement as anti-Semitic.

First, Bill Kristol’s shop, the Emergency Committee for Israel, has published a scare video trying to paint the protest movement as anti-Semitic. The ad links Obama campaign aide David Plouffe’s support for the Wall Street protesters, and Nancy Pelosi’s and Obama’s too, to anti-semitic statements made on the street by knobjobs. Then says, “Tell President Obama and leader Pelosi to stand up to the mob.”

The Emergency Committee for Israel is funded by a hedge fund manager named Daniel Loeb, who has defected from Obama to Romney, Eli Clifton reports.

Second, here’s Alana Goodman at Commentary arguing that an organizer behind the protests, Adbusters editor Kalle Lasn, is antisemitic because he once did an article pointing out that many neoconservatives are Jewish.

At the heart of this argument is the degree to which the neoconservative establishment has been funded/lifted by Rockefeller Jews– conservative Jews who have made it. And as Clifton implies in his piece, Obama is unable to write these Jews off. They are a swing constituency with an enormous amount of money. Call them neoconservative or neoliberal– Israel is a giant issue for many of them.


The Emergency Committee for Israel (ECI), has joined the pack of conservative groups working to discredit the Occupy Wall Street Movement. The ECI — a Bill KristolGary BauerRachel Abrams-conceived organization — launched a YouTube ad this morning, seeking to paint the Wall Street protests as anti-Semitic.

The ad, which was faithfully promoted by ECI’s go-to media outlets — Politico’s Ben Smiththe Weekly Standard, and Commentary — alleges that Democratic party leaders are “turning a blind eye to anti-Semitic, anti-Israel attacks,” and urges President Obama and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi to “stand up to the mob.” Watch it:

ThinkProgress reported in June that two-thirds of ECIPAC’s contributions in the past election cycle came from Daniel S. Loeb, CEO of Third Point Management, a New York based hedge fund.

Loeb’s $100,000 in support for ECI follows his track record of falling out of love with Obama after the White House pushed for financial regulatory reforms.

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