Today in Palestine: Hanin Zoabi: ”irrational racism’ is part of the new ruling consensus in Israel . . . It’s a psychological ethnic cleansing.’

Hanin Zoabi: ”irrational racism’ is part of the new ruling consensus in Israel . . . It’s a psychological ethnic cleansing.’

from Mondoweiss by Kate

MK Zoabi: Racism is part of the ruling consensus in Israel
AIC 31 July — “When it comes to the rights of Palestinians in Israel, there is no difference between opposition and coalition.” The AIC interviews MK Hanin Zoabi, who is concerned that racism has become part of Israeli national consensus, and everything outside of this must now be criminalized.

And more news from Today in Palestine:

Land, property, resources theft & destruction / Ethnic cleansing

Israel continues to plough through Salfit farmlands
SALFIT (PIC) 31 July — Israeli bulldozers have continued to plough through farmland in the northern West Bank province of Salfit, locals said. They reported that bulldozers have been leveling land and crushing boulders round the clock to pave the way for roads to be built near 19 nearby Jewish settlements. Also being excavated is land on the western side of Salfit city as well as in the towns of Kafr al-Deik, Deir Istya, and Burqin, where new industrial building and expansion is taking place. The area is known by settlers as West Ariel, which lies near an Israeli industrial area called Burkan. Crushing machines have been brought to the site to break down stones for the manufacture of raw materials used to pave the roads and also to pave the way for building more settlement units and large-scale factories.

Israeli unit raids Wadi Hilweh, one arrested
Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) 31 July —  An Israeli special forces unit raided Wadi Hilweh this evening, arresting a 14-year old boy. Hamoudeh Raid Siyam was taken from his house by officers, who were aided in the operation by settler bodyguards who are active in the region. Siyam was taken to the City of David archaeological settlement before he was transferred to a police centre for interrogation. Israeli units currently remain posted outside an Elad-linked settlement in Wadi Hilweh district of Silwan.
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Silwan resident run over by military jeep, clashed sparked
Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) 31 July — An Israeli military jeep ran over an elderly Silwan resident last night, who was then prevented from receiving medical attention by soldiers. Witnesses state that Ahmed Malhi, 51, was deliberately run over by an Israeli jeep at 11pm last night. Soldiers were then reported to have threatened residents with arrest when they tried to approach Malhi to offer their assistance. Malhi had been on his way home to Al-Farouq district near Jabal al-Mukaber when the jeep ran over him in Bir Ayyub district. The attack sparked violent clashes between local youth and Israeli soldiers, who fired tear gas and rubber bullets at the crowd
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Military raids village, one kidnapped and one wounded
Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) 31 July  — A large force of Israeli troops and undercover officers stormed Silwan last night, kidnapping a local man.Mazen Odeh, 23, who was shot by Israeli settler guards last year, was seized by troops. Several other unidentified minors were reported arrested. Israeli forces fired live ammunition and sound grenades at local youth, who returned the attack with stones. At least one Palestinian resident was wounded
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Settlers set fire to 150 dunums of Palestinian land in Nablus
NABLUS (WAFA) 31 July — Israeli settlers from the settlement of ‘Shvut Rahel,’ built on  Palestinian land in Jaloud, a village south of Nablus, set fire to 150 dunums of the village’s land Sunday, said Ghassan Doughlas, Palestinian official responsible for the settlement file in the northern West Bank. Doughlas said, “The fires are still burning in the Palestinian fields. This is not the first time that settlers attack these lands.”
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Israeli forces

Palestinian lady miscarries after choking on tear gas in in Al-Khalil
Al-KHALIL (PIC) 31 July — A Palestinian pregnant woman miscarried at dawn Saturday when tear gas grenades fell onto her home in the old city of Al-Khalil. Local sources said that Israeli troops during a raid on Palestinian neighborhoods in the old city fired without reason a heavy barrage of tear gas grenades randomly and some of them fell on the house of this woman. They said the woman miscarried after she choked on tear gas and was rushed to hospital for medical treatment.

VIDEO: September’s hope? / Tamar Fleishman, Machsom Watch
Palestine Chronicle 29 July — …One afternoon at Bir Zeit checkpoint: …An hour and a half after this event started, the commander ordered the women and children to load off the bus. They now arranged another line up. They were ordered to place their IDs on the ground and to empty their bags. At that point the soldiers realized that they hadn’t yet preformed a physical inspection on the men- each and every one of them was now inspected: shirts, shoes, belts, pockets… What else? The uniformed men had a brainstorm and came up with the idea that Yusef (the driver) should perform the “Neighbor Procedure” (an action forbidden by international and Israeli law). He was told to unload all the language, the shopping bags, and all students backpacks- anything that was inside the bus. He was told to open, to shack, to browse: new clothes , personal belongings, books, note books, new shoe boxes … it was a real and endless fest of violation of privacy, and it was all done in the name of security. [See VIDEO here]


Israeli commander says he’s waiting for one stone so his soldiers can f*** this village up / Joseph Dana, Frank Tamimi Kahn
31 July — Great photos and tweets from al-Walaja
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6 activists arrested near Bethlehem
JERUSALEM (Ma‘an) 31 July — Israeli border guards detained six protesters Monday in the occupied West Bank, activists said. The six demonstrators — three Israelis, one Palestinian, and two from abroad — were accused of throwing stones. The activists were protesting land confiscation to make room for Israel’s wall in the Walaja village northwest of Bethlehem.
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Egypt turns back Rafah travelers after Sinai clashes
Daily Star 31 July —  GAZA CITY: Egypt turned back 450 travellers seeking to cross at the Rafah border point after an attack on a Sinai police station, Hamas officials said on Sunday. The Hamas-run interior ministry said that the 450 would-be travelers, some of them patients seeking medical treatment, were turned back at the border on Saturday. Palestinians in Gaza have accused Egypt of creating unnecessary hold-ups at the crossing, the only one open to residents of the coastal territory, and the interior ministry said it had a backlog of some 30,000 travel applications. In a statement, the ministry gave no details on why the travellers were turned back, but the incident came after Egyptian forces arrested 12 men, including three Palestinians, in connection with an attack on a north Sinai police station. [and what was their excuse before?]
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Crisis of medical supplies in Gaza shoots up
GAZA (PIC) 31 July — An official at the Palestinian health ministry said that the list of medical supplies that ran out in the Gaza Strip has risen to 180 types of medicines and 149 of medical disposables … Qudra criticized international human rights and health institutions for not moving swiftly to find radical solutions to the crisis that have plagued Gaza over the past five years and threatened the lives of patients. He pointed out that the latest victim of this crisis was five twins who suffer from lung atrophy and incomplete growth and they are in dire need for a vital injection to save their lives.

Lack of supplies, fuel threatens patients in Gaza
GAZA CITY (Ma‘an) 31 July — Medical facilities in the Gaza Strip lack 180 types of medical items as well as fuel, a shortage that poses a real threat to healthcare in the enclave, a health ministry spokesman said Saturday … “The crisis is not limited to medications, as health facilities are suffering severe shortages of fuel that is allowed into Gaza and that are used to operate the generators, a deficit reaching 75 percent,” he said.  “The available amounts are barely enough for one or two days, especially with repeated blackouts threatening kidney [treatments] and intensive care, surgeries, open heart, catheterization and child incubation.” He added: “Electricity can’t be cut off from these departments.”
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Cars from Egypt to be allowed into Gaza
GAZA CITY (Ma‘an) 31 July — The minister of transportation in Gaza said Sunday he would allow vehicles from Egypt to enter the enclave under certain conditions, in a bid to reduce the price of vehicles.
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Army: 2 rockets fired from Gaza hit Israel
JERUSALEM (AFP) 31 July — Two rockets fired from the Gaza Strip landed in southern Israel on Sunday, without causing any damage or injuries, the Israeli military said. The rockets fell in the southern regional councils of Pitchat Shalom and Shaar HaNegev, areas both bordering the Palestinian territory. The attack brought to 26 the number of rockets fired from Gaza into Israel since July 1, the military said. July has seen an uptick in the number of rockets and other projectiles fired at Israel from Gaza after several months of calm [calm for Israel, that is!] following a deadly flare-up of violence in April.
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Miles of Smiles 4 expected in Gaza today
GAZA (PIC) 31 July — The humanitarian aid convoy Miles of Smiles 4 is slated to arrive in Gaza later Sunday carrying badly needed medical supplies and ambulance vehicles, Nael Al-Maqadma, the convoy’s coordinator said. The convoy carries a number of medicines that went out of stock in Gaza in addition to the special baby milk formula G19 for premature babies and buses for special needs.

Detention by Israel

Israeli prisons impose new sanctions on Palestinian prisoners
RAMALLAH (WAFA) 31 July — The Palestinian Center for Prisoners Studies said Sunday that Israeli prison administration has imposed new sanctions on Palestinian prisoners on the eve of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting. The center said the prison administration did not respond to prisoners’ demands to distribute meals at the time of iftar, at sunset, when Muslims break their fast after fasting all day. Palestinians detained at Israeli Nafha prison said the prison administration has taken a number of oppressive decisions against them such as forbidding them from watching Arabic satellite TV channels, confiscating their university books, refusing to replace Jewish prisoners who cook the food with Palestinian prisoners and refusing to allow prisoners to take their break en masse to perform prayers in congregation, as is customary for Muslims each night in Ramadan.
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Ufree condemns new indictment filed against mayor’s daughter
OSLO (PIC) 30 July — The European network to support the Palestinian prisoners (Ufree) has condemned Israel’s continued detention of the 17-year-old daughter of the mayor of Al-Beira near the West Bank city of Ramallah. The statement comes as the Israeli military prosecutor has placed new charges against her and signs of torture inside the prison have surfaced on her person. The girl Bushra al-Tawil has been in Israeli custody for 25 days so far. She was abducted in a raid on her family’s home. The Israeli Ofer military court ruled Thursday for the release of Tawil as no condemning evidence had been presented against her. But the military prosecutor quickly intervened and introduced an entirely new indictment against her. It also ordered that she be kept in detention and appear before another judge.

Power cut off at Negev prison
RAMALLAH (PIC) 31 July — The power has been cut off from the tents and cement rooms of the Israeli Negev prison as prisoners battle the heat and gear up for the holy month of Ramadan, Ahrar prisoner studies center has reported. Prisoners in Negev sent an SOS message to the Ahrar center pleading to be ”saved from programmed death” by the Israeli prison system and Israeli government, as the heat rises to ”oven” temperatures. [It is to be hoped this is a temporary situation, since Ramadan requires going without food or liquids for over 15 hours a day when it occurs at this time of year in this area. High temperature for the Negev today is 40 degrees C., 104 degrees F.]

Detention by the PA

PA urged to release prisoners for Ramadan
NABLUS (Ma‘an) 31 July — Families of prisoners affiliated with Hamas and detained in Palestinian Authority prisons held a sit-in Saturday in the West Bank city of Nablus, to demand the release of their loved ones.  The participants carried banners demanding the release of prisoners without conditions, particularly as the month of Ramadan is approaching. Some carried banners saying the issue was vital for reconciliation.
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Three more arrested in West Bank political persecution
NABLUS (PIC) 31 July — Two Najah University students as well as the wife of a West Bank political prisoner were arrested on Saturday as Palestinian Authority security agencies continue to politically persecute Hamas supporters in the West Bank. The students, Ala Saud Taha, 26, and Mohammed Jamal Khatir, 26, had previously declared their refusal to respond to summonses directed at them by the West Bank security agencies, the last summons taking place about a week ago. Both men had been previously detained by Israel security agencies and those of the PA.
Separately, Hammed al-Katout was released a few hours after he was arrested in Nablus for taking part in a sit-in protesting the PA’s taking of political prisoners.
Also on Saturday, preventative security forces arrested the wife of political prisoner Anas Rasras after she visited her husband in the security prison in Al-Dhahiriyya south of Al-Khalil city. She was questioned and held for four hours but later released. She was questioned on her husband and on her participation in protests in Al-Khalil against political detention.


Palestinians in Lebanon voice growing support for Syrian protesters
BEIRUT (Daily Star) 31 July — …”I was against the revolution in the beginning. I thought the Syrian people were comfortable,” said Mohammed Qatantani, a 27-year-old shopkeeper who has taken many trips to Syria over the years, always admiring the good infrastructure, affordable healthcare and rights for Palestinians that he never saw in Lebanon. “But then I saw the news: the mass graves, the executions and the torture. It looked like Israel had invaded Palestine. Oppression isn’t pretty wherever it happens,” he said. He added that he had been with the Egyptian revolution from day one, because of Mubarak’s treatment of Palestinians in Gaza: the repeated closure of the Rafah border crossing, and violent government clampdowns on those who protested.
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Lebanon likely to pass ‘racist’ decision on Palestinian refugee camps
BEIRUT (PIC) 31 July — Lebanon is leaning towards passing new ‘racist’ decisions affecting the Palestinian refugee camps in the country, Palestinian and Lebanese sources have revealed … The sources added the Council of Ministers is leaning towards deciding on the following: Prohibiting reconstruction inside the refugee camps without prior permission. Requesting that the UN Palestinian refugees agency (UNRWA) does not bring in building materials without prior detailed permission. Closing all of the camps’ entrances that were once open to pedestrians, and restricting access to the camps’ vehicular entrances. It is said that most of the camps have only one entrance.

Activists lobby to change nationality law
BEIRUT (Daily Star) 28 July — BEIRUT: Several hundred women’s rights activists marched in Beirut Wednesday calling for a reform of the Nationality Law, which doesn’t allow women to pass on their nationality to their families … “It’s hard because of sectarian groups who think a reform of the Nationality Law will affect the demographic balance between religions,” she said, adding that the idea that “most Lebanese women marry Muslims” is still very present. Many believe that the new law would also lead to naturalization of Palestinian refugees married to Lebanese women.
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UN delegation visits Ain al Hilweh refugee camp
SIDON (Daily Star) 30 July — A former South African minister led a United Nations delegation that toured the Palestinian refugee camp of Ain al-Hilweh Friday, observing the plight of the camp’s refugees. Former South African Minister Ronnie Kasrils headed a U.N. delegation with members from 17 European, African and Asian countries on a tour of the refugee camp.During the tour, Kasrils was received by representatives of various Palestinian factions and popular committees and affirmed his support for the Palestinian cause in the name of all the U.N. delegates visiting the country. The U.N. delegation was also joined by a group of 50 Palestinian young people, organized by the Aidoun group in the Bekaa‘, carrying Palestinian flags and posters calling for the right of to

Political / Diplomatic / International news

Resheq: Contacts underway with Fatah to discuss reconciliation
DAMASCUS (PIC) 31 July — Political bureau member of Hamas Ezzet Al-Resheq has said that contacts were currently ongoing between his movement and Fatah faction to hold a meeting on reconciliation issues. He told the PIC on Sunday that the meeting would discuss reconciliation issues such as the PLO, the Palestinian leadership, the political detainees, security apparatuses, elections, and dealing with results of division. Resheq explained that the issue of the transitional government was not on the agenda of the expected meeting due to PA chief and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas’s insistence on Salam Fayyad as premier of that government, a thing which is rejected by Hamas. The date and venue of that meeting were not fixed yet, he said.

Salhi: Israel is looking for official excuse to announce ending Oslo accords
CAIRO (WAFA) 31 July — Secretary General of the Palestinian People’s Party, Basam Salhi, Sunday responded to the Israeli threats to cancel the Oslo accords signed in 1993 if the Palestinian Authority (PA) seeks United Nations recognition of a Palestinian state next September, saying “Israel has ended the Oslo accords’ implementation on the ground years ago and is now looking for an excuse to officially announce it.”
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India: Israel must stop building settlements
UNITED NATIONS (Ma‘an) — India on Tuesday urged Israel to stop building illegal settlements on occupied Palestinian in order to enable peace talks to resume. At a UN security council meeting, India’s envoy to the UN Hardeep Singh Puri said halting settlement construction “should be the first step in this process.” He added: “Unless this essential step is taken and peace talks resume, the growing desperation may lead the parties to actions that can spiral out of control.”
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Haneyya meets with Malaysian delegation in Gaza
GAZA (PIC) 31 July — Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya met on Saturday evening with a Malaysian delegation which visited the Gaza Strip to express solidarity with its people.

Other news

Palestinian govt to pay full wages after strike threat
RAMALLAH, West Bank (Reuters) 31 July — The Palestinian Authority will pay its employees’ salaries in full in August but still faces a financial crisis which forced it to pay only half wages in July, Prime Minister Salam Fayyad said on Sunday. Earlier on Sunday, the head of the public sector workers’ union had raised the prospect of a strike in protest at the wage cuts. The union was due to meet on Monday to take a decision on possible industrial action. Fayyad, who is also finance minister, said he expected full salaries to be paid on Tuesday. “In view of the continued financial difficulties, payment of the salaries in full will greatly limit the ability of the PA to meet other needs during the coming month,” he said in a statement, without going into details. Fayyad has blamed a fall in aid from Arab states for largely causing the financial crisis.
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PCBS: Exports increase, imports decrease from Israel, increase from other countries in May
RAMALLAH (WAFA) 31 July – The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) released its External Trade on Goods report Sunday for May 2011, saying exports increased by 9.8% compared to April and reached US$67.7 million. Exports to Israel in May 2011 also increased by 8.8% compared to April, and represented 92.5% of total exports for May … The trade balance, which represents the difference between exports and imports, showed a decrease in trade deficit by 5.1% in May 2011 compared to April, reaching US$328.7 million.
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Watch: Netanyahu extends greetings to Muslims at start of Ramadan
Haaretz 31 July In addresses to Muslim world, the prime minister says he hopes Israeli Muslims, who are familiar with democracy, could serve as an example for their coreligionists in the region.
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Police won’t let Jews hold march in Old City due to Ramadan
JPost 31 July — In an apparent bid to prevent a clash between Jews and Muslims, police have denied Jews permission to march around the gates of Jerusalem’s Old City on Monday, which is the first day of the Hebrew month of Av, and the first day of Ramadan. The march, which has been taking place at the onset of Jewish months for some 10 years, draws the most participants at the beginning of Av, the month in which the First and Second Temples were destroyed. Last year, an estimated 5,000 people participated in that month’s march.
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More than 150,000 take to streets across Israel in largest housing protest yet
Haaretz 30 July — More than 100,000 people took to the streets Saturday to protest the spiraling costs of living in Israel. Marches and rallies took place in eleven cities across the country, with the largest ones taking place in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Be’er Sheva and Haifa. The protesters chanted “the people demand social justice” and “we want justice, not charity.”
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Thousands of Israeli doctors, residents protest in Jerusalem
Haaretz 31 July — Doctors call on PM to intervene in crisis and restart stalled negotiations with Finance Ministry; all outpatient clinics in Israel closed with only emergency surgery performed. (listserv) (archive)

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