[CPUSA] Obama Administration as Weimar Republic

CPUSA analysis (title is only a part of their analysis)
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The Reactionary Republican Menace, and Not Only to the Economy

from PA Editors Blog by Political Affairs

As working people are mobilizing  through the country to save social security and medicare, the ultra-right Republicans continue their economic blitzkrieg against the President and the Senate.

Democratic House leader Nancy Pelosi has accused the Republicans of leading the nation into chaos, something that any fifth grader and certainly anyone smarter than a fifth grader should be able to grasp.

But what can be done by the forces of the broad left and by a Democratic president and the Democrats in Congress because they are the only ones with immediate voting power to do anything?

First the danger is not only to the economy immediately but to representative political government, if a thin majority of one house of the national legislature can either impose its will on the whole government or bring about a default whose consequences would at the very best be bad, at the worst a catastrophe.

While this may seem to some a far out analogy, I am reminded as an historian of Mussolini’s 1922 March on Rome.  The Fascist party in Italy really was not that strong, and Mussolini feared that the outcome would be disastrous as he tried to keep his “tea party”(espresso may be better) black shirt thugs who had called the march in line.   Today,  some Republican leaders understand that there is enormous opposition to them and are trying to find some way to keep their far right backlashers in line before they have to pay the political consequences(what happens to the economy and the people doesn’t matter too much to them).

But what happens if the Democrats really cave, the way the non fascist government in Italy caved in 1922  when they let Mussolini form a “constitutional government” which was a preludet hree years later to an open dictatorship.

What happens if the Democrats cave  inseriously, and the Obama administration becomes a hollow shell in realityl(not the way many on the left take perverse  enjoyment in referring to it today) and  there is runaway inflation, sharply increased unemployment and a helpless government  as  the far righti prepares for a complete seizure of power(what the Nazis called machtergreifung over the helpless Weimar government in 1933) in 2012.

This reads  like a nightmare scenario and it is–a scenario in which the Obama administration will be seen by history not as serious break with the past but like the Weimar Republic, a failed liberal interlude between the German Empire of Kaiser Wilhelm and the far more destructive German Empire of Adolf Hitler.

I asked what can be done now to mobilize effective resistance to the danger now.  Peoples organizations are engaging in demonstrations and bombarding representatives with protests,  But what can be done now.  I have stated my own ideas in previous blog posts.  I invite our readers to come up with their own suggestions and send them in.  What can and should be done now by all of us to prevent both a likely economic disaster and a possible political disaster.


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