Ukraine Exchanged Abusisi in Return for Israeli Trade Pact and U.S. Lobbying Aid

Ukraine Exchanged Abusisi in Return for Israeli Trade Pact and U.S. Lobbying Aid

A former high ranking Israeli minister has confirmed a line of thought I’ve developed regarding collusion between the Israeli and Ukrainian governments over the extraordinary rendition of Dirar Abusisi.  I’ve been reporting consistently the sneaking suspicion that the kidnapping involved various quid pro quos between the two countries.  Now, a former government official has confirmed that Israel said to Ukraine:

“Give us Abu Sisi, and we’ll give you any trade agreement you ask for, plus lobbying services in Washington.”

Over the past few months, I’ve noted visits by the Ukrainian prime minister to Israel (just after Abu Sisi’s kidnapping) at which major new trade deals were announced.  Yesterday, I pointed to a major new aviation agreement that would dramatically increase the number of Ukrainian and Israeli pilgrims visiting each others’ countries.  Ukraine still covets a visa-free zone that would entitle its citizens to travel to Israel without using their documents.  That has not yet been confirmed by Israel.  But given Ukraine’s stellar participation in the kidnapping of Abusisi, there’s no reason why this shouldn’t happen as well.

Israel also offered Ukraine unspecified lobbying assistance in the U.S. Congress and administration regarding U.S.-Ukrainian bilateral issues important to Ukraine.  Given Israel’s unparalleled access to lawmakers, it’s easy to see how a word from Aipac would open doors for Ukrainians on Capitol Hill and elsewhere in the government.  In this sense, both Israel and its enablers in the U.S. Jewish community are selling their access in return for shady, underhanded deals like Abusisi’s extraordinary rendition.  This, of course will not bother the conscience of Aipac’s Capitol Hill lobbyists one bit.

But the next time a Congressmember, staffer, or cabinet official gets a call from a pro-Israel lobbyist asking for a meeting or favor on behalf of the Ukrainian government, you’ll know why.

The source referenced above had direct knowledge of matters discussed.


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