Israel Rewards Ukraine for Collaborating on Abusisi Extraordinary Rendition

Israel Rewards Ukraine for Collaborating on Abusisi Extraordinary Rendition

bratsalver hasidim making pilgrimage to ukraineUnder new aviation agreement, an added 20,000 Israeli Hasidic pilgrims will fly to Ukraine for Rosh Hashanah at Rabbi Nachman’s grave

In prior coverage here, I noted that at almost precisely the same time the Mossad, Ukrainian and Jordanian intelligence services were collaborating to kidnap Palestinian civil engineer Dirar Abusisi and bring him to Israel, Israel and Ukraine were negotiating major new trade deals that were especially sought after by the latter.  The Ukrainian prime minister even visited Israel and held a press conference to trumpet these deals shortly after Abusisi was kidnapped.  It had all the trappings of a really sleazy quid pro quo.

Now, the seeds of Ukraine’s connivance with the Mossad are bearing fruit as the Israeli civil aviation organization announces a major increase in air flights between the two countries.  There will be scores of new flights and tens of thousands of Ukrainian Catholic religious pilgrims traveling to Israel and Israeli Hasidim to Ukraine.  Each tourist contingent will of course spend lots of money in the other nation.  Increased air traffic will also no doubt enable further trade and industry deals that will enrich Ukrainian tycoons (and perhaps Israeli) and officials.

There is also one benefit specifically for the Mossad now in all this.  Instead of bringing its own plane to Ukraine for the kidnapping of Abusisi, it will have a wealth of flights and airlines to choose for the next such extraordinary rendition!

Abusisi’s attorneys are planning to file suit against the Ukrainian government for its collaboration in the kidnapping.  I’ve seen the official correspondence with his family and it’s beyond pathetic.  Among other things, they claim because there was no police report made of Abusisi’s kidnapping, one could not have happened.  They aren’t even good liars.

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