Protest the Even Rape Gag Order

Protest the Even Rape Gag Order

lift the gag order protecting yoav even from rape chargesThanks to Michael Levin for creating a stellar new poster protesting the gag order protecting Israeli TV reporter, Yoav Even from facing public accountability for charges that he raped P.  Israeli feminists will be demonstrating against the gag order in early June in Tel Aviv, and if you’re there I urge you to join in protesting the protection offered by the Israeli judicial system to powerful male figures charged with crimes against women.

Please circulate this poster as widely as possible and I hope it helps P. get the justice she deserves.

I’ve learned the ugly truth that there are actually entire websites devoted to exposing the identity of rape victims.  They call what they do “male advocacy.”  Wow, I bet you didn’t know rapists needed advocates, did ya?  And they’ve been sniffing around this story for a week or more, promising to expose P’s identity because she, don’t ya know, likely cooked the whole thing up.  Since we all know that women do this all the time and face no consequences from doing so (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

Now, they’re hanging out in my comment threads like puppy dogs wagging their tails, looking for approbation and recognition for their ‘good deeds.’  They make me feel dirty, perhaps as dirty as I felt when I read P.’s account of her rape.

I don’t understand the psychology behind this.  Either these people hate women or they’ve been accused of rape themselves.  But they’ve got to be twisted souls.

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