Palestine/Israel Apartheid News: 5/31/11: Former Mossad Chief: Mistake to Oppose General Assembly Vote on Palestinian Statehood

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Feeling the Ignorance at AIPAC 2011

from Max Blumenthal by Max
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The WikiLeaks News & Views Blog for Tuesday, Day 184

from The Nation Blogs: Media Fix by Greg Mitchell

Who Shut Down Knesset Investigation into Ofer Brothers Violation of Iran Embargo?

Sexual harassment in Israel

from The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب by (As’ad AbuKhalil)


from Democracy Now! | Healthcare Reform by (Democracy Now!)
from Democracy Now! | Healthcare Reform by (Democracy Now!)
from The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب by (As’ad AbuKhalil)
from The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب by (As’ad AbuKhalil)
from The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب by (As’ad AbuKhalil)
from The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب by (As’ad AbuKhalil)
from The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب by (As’ad AbuKhalil)


Headlines for May 31, 2011

from Democracy Now! | Healthcare Reform by (Democracy Now!)

The WikiLeaks News & Views Blog for Tuesday, Day 184

from The Nation Blogs: Media Fix by Greg Mitchell

Ofer Brothers Fixer, Amidror?

yaakov amridorYaakov Amridor, Ofer Brothers’ political fixer? (Tomer Appelbaum)

The Ofer Brothers story is turning into a serious scandal given the digging now being done by Israeli journalists (and my Israeli source).  Earlier today, I reported that Ofer Brothers had transported Mossad agents on secret missions to Iran during the dozens of illegal visits its ships made to that country violating the international embargo.  The company claims, apparently rightly, that it had government permission to engage in this trade.  The government in turn denies this.

I noted in that earlier post that the Mossad clearly was exploiting Israeli commercial enterprises like the Ofer Brothers for purposes of espionage and possibly even the acts of terror which Israeli journalists have alluded were carried out by the intelligence agency inside Iran.  But now it appears that Ofer Brothers, Israel’s largest and most profitable conglomerate, may in effect be an intelligence asset.  Of course, it is a functioning company, but it is so intertwined with the military-intelligence apparatus that there is in effect little or no distinction between the two.  In fact, it’s only somewhat of an exaggeration to say it might be a wholly-owned subsidiary of the IDF and Mossad.

Let’s begin with Bibi Netanyahu’s new hard-right pro-settler national security advisor, Yaakov Amidror.  Here’s what Haaretz reported about his role in the company:

Until less than two months ago Yaakov Amidror, the head of the National Security Council and the prime minister’s national security advisor, sat on the boards of several companies of the Ofer Brother Group…

Amidror, former head of military colleges in the Israel Defense Forces and of the research department of Military Intelligence, was appointed to the board of the Israel Corporation, which is controlled by brothers Sami and Idan Ofer, in early 2007. Amidror also served on the boards of several other Ofer-controlled companies, including two subsidiaries of Zim Integrated Shipping Services. Board members of these companies are usually paid several thousand shekels for each meeting, adding up to tens of thousands of shekels per year.

In fact, if you read this passage closely, it insinuates that the Knesset committee chair who abruptly adjourned his hearing into the Ofer Brothers affair, did so upon receiving a note from none other than Amridor himself.  The following passage is my own translation of the original Hebrew article, which differs from the English translation offered by Haaretz:

The hearing of the Knesset Finance Committee was abruptly adjourned…after the chair MK Carmel Shama-HaCohen received a message handed to him by his assistant.  Earlier in the hearing, he had asked whether a National Security Council representative was in attendance – none was.  Later, Shama-HaCohen said he’d turned to the Council [representative who wasn’t there], at the head of which stands Amridor, to receive answers concerning the case.

My own Israeli source, a veteran Israeli politician told me that the individual who sent the note to Shama-Hacohen was a “very senior security official,” which would certainly fit the bill for Amidror.  If it was him, then this begins to look like blatant political interference on Ofer Brothers behalf by a security insider who owes tons of favors to the family.  In any other democracy this would be a huge scandal.  In Israel–I’m not so sure.

In this passage, Amidror hints that he wasn’t involved in the matter but leaves open the possibility that one of his staff was:

As for Shama-Hacohen’s query to the National Security Council, Amidror said he left his office around noon, “and did not receive the honorable member’s query by that time. If his questions concern the Iranian issue in general I’ll gladly answer, but if it’s about the Ofer family I won’t answer it anyway and the issue will be addressed by other members of the council,” Amidror said.

But given the information offered by my source, it’s possible the NSC director is lying.  Even if he isn’t and he wasn’t directly involved, it’s entirely possible he directed his staff to intervene in the hearing.  Doing a favor for his good buddies, the brothers Ofer??  Their political fixer?

Haaretz recounts further crossover between Ofer corporate entities and the military-intelligence services:

In May, Sami and Idan Ofer appointed Pinchas Buchris – former head of MI unit 8200 [Israel’s cyberwarfare unit believed responsible for Stuxnet] and a former defense ministry director general – head of Oil Refineries. Former Shin Bet security service head Jacob Perry is also employed by the Ofer brothers, as chairman of the United Mizarahi bank, which is partly owned by Yuli Ofer.

Former GOC Southern Command, Maj. Gen. (res. ) Erez Chaim has served as head of the ICL group, controlled by Israel Corp, and today serves as a board member of Dead Sea Works, also controlled by the Ofer family. He is also a member of the consulting committee on senior civil service appointments. Another board director employed by the family is lawyer Uri Slonim, who has served as advisor on missing and captive IDF soldiers to seven defense ministers.

Finally, we should remember that this isn’t the first time Israeli firms have violated the Iran embargo.  Shraga Elam has reported that Iranian oil has ended up in Israeli gas tanks through such illegal commerce.  I wrote about this here and in Comment is Free in 2008:

In European ports like Rotterdam, the oil’s paperwork is changed so that it can be imported into Israel without any markings indicating its real origin.

This oil trade takes place through a joint Iranian-Israeli company established during the Shah’s reign and now controlled by Israel. Iran has demanded the return of the firm’s assets and claimed they were worth $5-billion as of 1998. You can imagine how much more the firm is worth ten years later. This sum is an indication of the size of Israel’s oil trade with Iran.

Do I hear the word “hypocrisy,” anyone?  Israel screams bloody murder about the existential threat from Iran, calling practically to incinerate the place, all the while its companies are merrily trading and earning profits from illegal trade with the Iranians.  Next time you hear Bibi shreying about the Iranian menace, remember this.

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Who Shut Down Knesset Investigation into Ofer Brothers Violation of Iran Embargo?

ofer brothersSammy and Yuli Ofer, Israel’s richest men, violated Iran embargo (Haaretz)

I haven’t covered or even followed in any great detail the Ofer Brothers scandal involving illegal trade between Israel and Iran.  But developments today really perked up my ears.  First a bit of background: Ofer Brothers are Israel’s wealthiest family, owning shipping and other interests.  They were recently named to a Treasury Department blacklist for engaging in illegal trade with Iran, which included their ships docking at Iranian ports numerous times and sale of one of their tankers to an Iranian shipping company.

This news has erupted into a medium-sized scandal in Israel with the company claiming it had the government’s approval to engage in such trade.  This of course would mean that the government colluded with commercial interests against international sanctions.  Those of you with an interest in intelligence activities and cloak and dagger mystery can imagine why this might be the case.  The government, of course, denies the claims.  The company also claims the government is attempting to get it removed from the blacklist with the foreign ministry denying it is doing so.  All very strange.

Today, a new wrinkle occurred in the case. A Knesset committee was in the middle of a hearing on the affair when the chair was passed a note by a mysterious source, upon which the MK abruptly adjourned the hearing.  No explanation, at least no credible one.  The military censor, who was present at the hearing (because the Knesset speaker had warned that secret information might be revealed) denied causing the adjournment, as does the Knesset security office.  But their denials are unconvincing because they’re not denying they sent the note, but rather denying being the cause of the adjournment.  Unless and until you know the contents of the note, you can’t tell a thing.  But someone, probably in the intelligence community, wanted this hearing stopped in order to protect intelligence assets or activities involving Iran.

Further, Meir Dagan, Israel’s more recent former Mossad chief, has publicly pooh-poohed the affair as much ado about nothing.  Which of course does not mean that it is much ado about nothing, but rather than the Mossad probably doesn’t want the public to know about collaboration between his agency and Ofer Brothers in surveilling or penetrating Iranian facilities or infrastructure.

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Sexual harassment in Israel

from The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب by (As’ad AbuKhalil)
“A senior IDF officer in the Military Police Corps is being charged with an indecent act and seven counts of sexual harassment, Ynet learned. Lieutenant-Colonel Oren Julian, commander of the Military Police’s training base and former Prison 4 commander, has been dismissed and will soon face trial.”  If he was Arab, American liberal feminists would be marching and calling for ban on visits by Arab generals to US.

Palestine: Road to Statehood

Haaretz fleshes out Palestinian plans to bring its case for statehood before the General Assembly in September.  A recent article quoting the current General Assembly president as saying that Palestine could not achieve full UN membership without Security Council approval appears to have been incomplete.  It is true that under normal procedures a state may not become a member until both the GA and SC have approved its candidacy.  To become a member, a nation needs the backing of nine Security Council members with no veto offered by any member.  It would also need to agree to abide by the UN Charter and to have satisfied certain benchmarks determined by UN bodies that guarantee it would be a viable state.  Palestine has already succeeded in meeting these targets

In order to begin this process, the PA must bring the issue of statehood before the Security Council, where it will be vetoed by the U.S.  At that point, the General Assembly may take up the matter first by recognizing Palestine as a state, then by voting by 2/3 majority to accept it as a full member.  In this way, there is a way to do an end-around the Security Council and the U.S. veto.

However, Bibi Netanyahu seems confused when he claims here that Palestine cannot become a full-fledged UN member without Security Council approval:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a [Knesset] meeting…nothing could be done to prevent the UN General Assembly from recognizing a Palestinian state.

“They can decide that the world is flat, there’s nothing we can do about it,” said Netanyahu. “We have no way of blocking a decision by the assembly. We will get support there from only a few countries.”

However, Netanyahu still said the move could be thwarted.

“We have no way to obstruct the UN decision,” he said, warning that that the Palestinians will not succeed in their efforts in the UN Security Council. “It is impossible to recognize a Palestinian state without passing through the Security Council and such a move is bound to fail.

It certainly is possible to recognize a Palestinian state if the Security Council vetoes the bid.  What Bibi doesn’t choose to recognize is the UNGA ‘Uniting for Peace’ Resolution 377 which provides for the Assembly to accept a state if the SC has been paralyzed and unable to approve such an action.  Use of the Resolution would certainly be controversial and Israel (and the U.S.) would fight it.  But unless they can get the GA to agree not to adopt the Resolution it appears likely the body can and will recognize and accept Palestine as a full member.

In the meantime, I just caught myself humming that hoary pop standard, See You in September:

I’ll be alone each and every night
While you’re away, don’t forget to write

Bye-bye, so long, farewell
Bye-bye, so long

See you in September
See you when the summer’s through

…Have a good time but remember
There is danger in the summer moon above
Will I see you in September
Or lose you to a summer love…

Ehud Barak has already warned that Israel faces a “diplomatic tsunami” in September.  Perhaps Bibi should take heed of the words of the song: “there is danger in the summer moon above.”

Once Palestine becomes a full member, it can then bring charges against Israel for occupying its territory in contravention of international law.  Israel would be bound as a fellow member to obey any ruling finding the Occupation to be an infringement on Palestine’s sovereignty.  If it refused, the UN could them impose sanctions on Israel.  Palestine may also bring a case before the International Criminal Court against Israeli generals for war crimes violations, as Palestine would now fall under ICC jurisdiction.  This would further hem in Israel’s freedom of action in maintaining the Occupation.

The handwriting is on the wall.  The Occupation will fall.  Perhaps not this year, maybe not next, but soon.

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Former Mossad Chief: Mistake to Oppose General Assembly Vote on Palestinian Statehood

Former Mossad chief, Meir Dagan has sent a thunderbolt through the Israeli political and security establishment with his statement that opposition to Palestinian statehood in the form of the upcoming September vote before the General Assembly is a serious error of judgment (Hebrew) on Israel’s part.  Dagan told his audience that Palestinian statehood is an outcome that is unstoppable.  It would be far more in Israel’s interest to come to terms with the declaration of statehood than to oppose.

It blows the mind to know that a former Mossad boss has a more progressive view than Barack Obama (or J Street for that matter) on this issue.

Frankly, I’ve heard of no senior Israeli officials who’ve endorsed Dagan’s views, which is what makes them all the most shocking.  No doubt, at least some of this is due to the bad blood between the former Mossad director and the prime minister who refused to renew his mandate for another term as Dagan had hoped.  But whatever the reason, I don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.  If Dagan says the right things for the wrong reasons, that’s OK by me.  A question I wonder about is whether Dagan is positioning himself to enter politics in time for the next election; and that he will join a party opposed to Bibi like Kadima perhaps.

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“Netanyahu is the Main Obstacle to Peace”: CodePink Activist Disrupts Israeli PM Speech to Congress

from Democracy Now! | Healthcare Reform by (Democracy Now!)
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Rae_buttonIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech was warmly received by Democrats and Republicans in Congress on Tuesday. According to ABC News, he received 29 standing ovations during his address—four more than President Obama received during his State of the Union address earlier in the year. However, there was at least one dissenting voice inside the halls of Congress on Tuesday. Rae Abileah, a Jewish-American activist of Israeli descent with the peace group CodePink, disrupted Netanyahu’s speech. Standing in the congressional gallery, she yelled, “No more occupation! Stop Israel war crimes! Equal rights for Palestinians! Occupation is indefensible!” As she screamed, members in the audience tackled her to the ground, and undercover security forces later dragged her outside. She was taken to George Washington University Hospital where she was treated for neck and shoulder injuries. At the hospital, police arrested Abileah and charged her with disorderly conduct for disrupting Congress. Her protest came as part a week-long series of actions organized by CodePink called Move Over AIPAC. We speak to Abileah about why she used nonviolent civil disobedience to disrupt Netanayahu’s speech. [includes rush transcript]

Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress Dashes Palestinian Hopes of a Just Mideast Peace Agreement

from Democracy Now! | Healthcare Reform by (Democracy Now!)
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Netanyahu_buttonThe future of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations remains in doubt after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address Tuesday before a joint session of the U.S. Congress. Netanyahu insisted Jerusalem will not be divided and that Israel’s internationally recognized 1967 borders are “indefensible.” He also said Israel must “maintain a long-term military presence along the Jordan River” and condemned the recent Fatah-Hamas reconciliation deal. Netanyahu’s speech came five days after President Obama called for the creation of a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders, with mutually agreed land swaps. We speak with Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, secretary general of the Palestinian National Initiative. “Netanyahu yesterday blocked every possibility for negotiations for a two-state solution,” Barghouti says. “Practically, he took away any possibility for peaceful resolution, because he wanted to impose unilaterally the outcome on every issue… He wants us to live as slaves in a system of apartheid and segregation.” [includes rush transcript]

Obama versus Netanyahu

from The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب by (As’ad AbuKhalil)
“President Obama got 25 standing ovations from Congress during his 2011 State of the Union address. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu got 29 today.” (thanks AK)

Feeling the Ignorance at AIPAC 2011

from Max Blumenthal by Max
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On May 22, thousands of supporters of America’s most powerful pro-Israel lobbying group, the America-Israel Public Affairs Committee, or AIPAC, converged on Washington for the group’s annual conference. For two days they watched Democratic and Republican congressional leaders pledge their undivided loyalty to the state of Israel, and by extension, to AIPAC’s legislative agenda. Speeches by President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu highlighted the conference, with Obama attempting to clarify his statement demanding that 1967 borders be the “starting point” for negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

I interviewed several AIPAC delegates in the streets outside the conference. While few, if any, of them were able to demonstrate the slightest degree of sophistication in their understanding of the Israel-Palestine crisis, they had been briefed inside on how to respond to critics. No one I spoke to would concede that Israel occupied any part of Palestinian territory; none would concede that Israel had committed acts of indiscriminate violence or that it had transferred Palestinians by force; one interviewee could not distinguish Palestine from Pakistan. With considerable wealth and negligible knowledge — few had spent much time inside Israel — the delegates were easily melded by the cadre of neoconservative and Israeli “experts” appearing in AIPAC’s briefing sessions.

As the day wore on, many delegates waded into confrontations with members of Code Pink and Palestine solidarity demonstrators who had set up a protest camp across the street. With conflict intensifying on the sidewalk, Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin invited AIPAC delegates to express themselves from the protest stage. There, their most visceral feelings and deeply held views about Israel-Palestine crisis were revealed. See it for yourself.

Like parliaments in third world countries

from The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب by (As’ad AbuKhalil)
Like most Arabs I know, As-Safir newspaper could not help but notice that US Congress in the presence of Netanyahu appeared and sounded just like “third world parliaments.”  At any moment yesterday, I was expecting the Zionist throng to chant: With Blood, with Spirit, we sacrifice ourselves for you, O Netanyahu.

Netanyahu before the US Congress

from The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب by (As’ad AbuKhalil)
“Mr. Netanyahu received so many standing ovations that at times it appeared that the lawmakers were listening to his speech standing up.”

Returning, Certainly

from The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب by (As’ad AbuKhalil)

Yesterday, on the anniversary of Israel’s humiliating withdrawal–expulsion, really–from South Lebanon, Southern Lebanese mounted this giant structure to remember the recent victims of Israeli terrorist gunfire at the Lebanese-Palestinian border and to raise this slogan: “Returning, Certainly.”  (As-Safir)


Israeli settlers torch farmland near Nablus after new confrontation at Joseph’s Tomb

from World War 4 Report blogs by WW4 Report
Some 1,600 Jewish worshipers escorted by Israeli soldiers visited the the West Bank holy site of Joseph’s Tombfor late night prayers May 30—and some 50 then refused to leave when the allotted time for the visit was over, and had to be forcibly removed by the troops.Three were arrested. After the confrontation, villagers south of nearby Nablus reported seeing dozens of settlers set fire to agricultural lands. A settlement monitoring official with Fatah, Ghassan Doughlus, told Ma’an News Agency that residents of Madama village, whose lands were torched, believed the settlers were from the illegal residential community of Yitzhar, known for its militancy. Village official Ihab Al-Qett said local Palestinian fire crews were able to put out fires before significant damage was done.

read more

This is Zionism

from The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب by (As’ad AbuKhalil)
“Jerusalem policemen arrested a Palestinian seven-year-old child, relatives said on Sunday, claiming that the boy was battered by police officers during his arrest.”  Can you imagine the uproar if a Muslim country held a seven-year-old Jewish child?  Can you imagine the international condemnations?  Can you imagine how conferences and fora would be held to discuss the affair?  Can you image the debates at the UN Security Council?


from The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب by (As’ad AbuKhalil)
“”Here is my house,” he says, sitting on the remains of a stone wall in whose crevices wild flowers and saplings cling. “Now only the corners remain. Here is the taboun [outdoor oven] where my mother used to bake bread. The smell!”  With distant eyes, he describes an idyllic childhood in a place he calls paradise, where families helped one another and children played freely amid almond and fig trees and on the rocks around the village’s natural spring.  The place is Lifta, an Arab village on the north-western fringes of Jerusalem, for centuries a prosperous, bustling community built around agriculture, traditional embroidery, trade and mutual support. But since 1948, shortly before the state of Israel was declared, it has been deserted. The population, according to the Palestinian narrative of that momentous year, was expelled by advancing Jewish soldiers; the people abandoned their homes, say the Israeli history books.  Lifta was one of hundreds of Arab villages taken over by the embryonic Jewish state. But it is the only one not to have been subsequently covered in the concrete and tarmac of Israeli towns and roads, or planted over with trees and shrubs to create forests, parks and picnic areas, or transformed into Israeli artists’ colonies. Some argue that Israel set out to erase any vestige of Palestinian roots in the new country.

Neutrality on Israel?

from Jews sans frontieres by Levi9909
Two letters in today’s Guardian, one following on from a report of the appointment of an “Israel studies professor at Oxford University and the other commending The Guardian for a report on how the Palestinian village of Lifta was ethnically cleansed in the 1940s and is now being lined up for settlement by Jews only:
Derek Penslar (First professor of Israel studies at Oxford vows neutrality, 27 May) says he will strive for political neutrality in a professorship created with a £3m donation from long-standing supporters of Israel. But claims to be politically neutral generally obscure particular political positions since “you cannot be neutral on a moving train” or while riding the back of an angry crocodile. The report shows the difficulty of achieving neutrality by referring to “the Jewish state” as one might refer to the UK as a Christian state or Egypt as a Muslim state, none of which could be seen as politically neutral positions since they elevate the power of one group of citizens above others. States are defined by their borders. So in struggling to achieve neutrality, perhaps Derek Penslar will inform us of his politically neutral position on the borders of Israel.
Tony Booth
Cambridge University
• We commend you for putting Lifta in the news (We will never forget this village, G2, 30 May). Its Palestinian population was attacked and terrorised between Christmas 1947 and February 1948 and forced to leave by Menachem Begin’s IZL and Yitzhak Shamir’s Stern terror gangs. By February 1948 the village was emptied and its inhabitants were trucked to East Jerusalem. Now, the Israel Land Authority plans to parcel Lifta’s private land and sell it to Jewish developers in an attempt to create a luxury enclave for Jews only. The international community must not remain silent in the face of this continued theft of private Palestinian land.
Antoine Raffoul
Co-ordinator, 1948: Lest We Forget

Actually there appeared to be an error in the report on Lifta not mentioned in the letter. See this:

The development plan was approved by the Jerusalem municipality five years ago, but earlier this year the Israel Lands Administration – the state agency that took ownership of Lifta’s land under the Israeli law governing property deemed to be abandoned – began marketing the plot to private developers. A legal challenge stayed the tender process, but a decision is due any day on whether to proceed. The proposal is for 212 luxury housing units, expected to be advertised to wealthy expatriate Jews, a chic hotel and shops, and a museum. It suggests that some of the ruins be restored. But Lifta as a sanctuary and de facto heritage site will be lost.

Expatriate Jews? Where might they be? The largest number of expatriate Jews, understood as Jews living away from their country of origin, lives in Palestine. It wasn’t me that noticed the error, it was Frank Fisher at the Just Peace UK list.

Protest the Even Rape Gag Order

lift the gag order protecting yoav even from rape chargesThanks to Michael Levin for creating a stellar new poster protesting the gag order protecting Israeli TV reporter, Yoav Even from facing public accountability for charges that he raped P.  Israeli feminists will be demonstrating against the gag order in early June in Tel Aviv, and if you’re there I urge you to join in protesting the protection offered by the Israeli judicial system to powerful male figures charged with crimes against women.

Please circulate this poster as widely as possible and I hope it helps P. get the justice she deserves.

I’ve learned the ugly truth that there are actually entire websites devoted to exposing the identity of rape victims.  They call what they do “male advocacy.”  Wow, I bet you didn’t know rapists needed advocates, did ya?  And they’ve been sniffing around this story for a week or more, promising to expose P’s identity because she, don’t ya know, likely cooked the whole thing up.  Since we all know that women do this all the time and face no consequences from doing so (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

Now, they’re hanging out in my comment threads like puppy dogs wagging their tails, looking for approbation and recognition for their ‘good deeds.’  They make me feel dirty, perhaps as dirty as I felt when I read P.’s account of her rape.

I don’t understand the psychology behind this.  Either these people hate women or they’ve been accused of rape themselves.  But they’ve got to be twisted souls.

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The guilt of Arab children

from The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب by (As’ad AbuKhalil)
Comrade Joseph writes:  “What is it about Jewish and Arab children that privileges the first and spurns the second in the speeches of President Barack Obama, let alone in the Western media more generally? Are Jewish children smarter, prettier, whiter? Are they deserving of sympathy and solidarity, denied to Arab children, because they are innocent and unsullied by the guilt of their parents, themselves often referred to as “the children of Israel”? Or, is it that Arab children are dangerous, threatening, guilty, even dark and ugly, a situation that can only lead to Arabopaedophobia – the Western fear of Arab children?
Innocence and childhood are common themes in Western political discourse, official and unofficial. While it is a truism to state that since the end of European colonialism the US and Europe have been, at the official and unofficial levels, friendly to and supportive of the Zionist colonial project and hostile to Palestinians and Arabs in their resistance to Zionism, the expectation would be that a West that insists rhetorically on the “universalism” of its values would show at least a rhetorical commitment to the equality of Arab and Jewish children as victims of the violence visited on the region by Zionist colonialism and the resistance to it. Yet, the only Western sympathy manifest is to Jewish children as symbols of Zionist and Israeli innocence. This Western sympathy is deployed primarily to denounce Arab guilt, including the guilt of Arab children.”
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