Milad Ayyash, 17, Killed by Settler Guard’s Bullet

Milad Ayyash, 17, Killed by Settler Guard’s Bullet

milad ayyash posterThe current round of Nakba Day bloodshed was “kicked off” a few days ago by a demonstration outside an illegal settler home in the Beit Yonatan neighborhood of East Jerusalem.  It was just an ordinary day in which Silwan residents were protesting yet another eviction and displacement by the radical settlers attempting to Judaize that part of the city.  Suddenly a window flung open from the settler lair and shots rang out.  One of the notorious private security guards employed to protect the settlers had killed again.

Milad Ayyash, a 17 year old boy, was shot in the chest and died.  Israeli authorities “are investigating,” which is code for we’ll do as little as we can and then when things have quieted down we’ll close the case.

Thanks to the original graphic art from Lahav Halevy.  He included the wonderful quotation from Psalm 37 sung during the Shabbat birkat ha-mazon:

I was young once but now I am old…

Halevy poignantly changed the words in the second half of the phrase to:

…and will never grow old

Michael Levin and I worked on this English version.  Please circulate it as widely as you can on blogs, social networking sites, etc.

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