Meir Dagan: Israel Attack on Iran ‘Stupidest Thing I’ve Ever Heard’

Meir Dagan: Israel Attack on Iran ‘Stupidest Thing I’ve Ever Heard’

from Tikun Olam-תקון עולם: Make the World a Better Place by Richard Silverstein

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OK, Meirke.  We get the message.  Former Mossad director, Meir Dagan, who was unceremoniously booted from his job by Bibi Netanyahu a few months ago, continues to exact his revenge.  This time, he’s weighed in on the notion that Israel should attack Iran (English here) to prevent it from gaining nuclear weapons:

“It’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.”

Dagan said that the problem regarding this [attacking Iran] isn’t related to his doubt in the abilities of the Israeli Air Force, but rather because of the great doubt whether it could perform the job to its completion and attain all its objectives.  When asked what would happen after such an attack, Dagan continued: “There will be war with Iran.  This is one of the things we know how to start, but not how to end.”  He noted that Iran could be expected to fire its missiles into Israel for many months afterwards. It could be expected to engage Hezbollah with its tens of thousands of Grad rockets and hundreds of long distance SCUDs.  Iran can also engage Hamas on its behalf and Syria might join the war.

While Dagan stated that Israel must not accept a nuclear Iran, he said an attack on its reactors would be foolhardy idea with little likelihood of success.

Dagan believes that the fall of Bashar Assad would be good for Israel because it would diminish the weapons supply to Hezbollah and weaken the influence of Iran.

Bibi, needless to say, is pissed.  He let it be known through an anonymous security source that during Dagan’s tenure as Mossad chief the prime minister strongly criticized Dagan’s opposition to an Iran attack.

And just to demonstrate that an intelligence chief can be smart on one issue and a dolt on another, Dagan downplayed the significance of the revolts sweeping the Arab world:

“There is no tsunami of change sweeping the Arab world.”  Dagan denied that what occurred in Egypt was an “internet revolution,” because the majority of Egyptians don’t own computers.

This has to be one of the dumbest things a former Mossad director has ever said.  Does this guy not realize that the vast majority of Egyptians were actually NOT in Tahrir Square, in fact that vast majority of Egyptians are too poor not only to own a computer, but to own a home or car or perhaps even the makings of their next meal.  But many of those who were in the Square were indeed wired.  That a revolution may sweep a country and all its citizens, but that such an event begins with a small cadre and then, yes like a tsunami, it sweeps everyone up in its wake.

Dagan continued sharing his wisdom:

What happened in Egypt wasn’t a revolution but a change of leadership.

What we have here is a failure to communicate.   Meir Dagan, former chief intelligence officer of the Israel, can’t register what is happening before his very eyes.  Either that or he doesn’t want to understand what’s happening.  Nor does he want to understand the repercussions that this has already had among the Palestinians and the fact that the wave could sweep Israeli within it as well.  Welcome to a new world, Mr. Dagan, in which Israel may no longer be a dominant player, in which the Arab states may rise to take a more prominent role in the region and in determining its fate.

This could, if there were any realists in Israel, make them understand that in the long-term Israel must find a way to fit in.  This should induce a certain amount of humility.  ”Should” though, is a far cry from what is happening or likely to happen into the foreseeable future.

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