Judge Benny Sagi to Israel’s Media and Women: ‘Shut Your Mouths’

Judge Benny Sagi to Israel’s Media and Women: ‘Shut Your Mouths’


gagged mouths of israeli womenIsraelis on the crime that dare not speak its name: rape (Rotem Cohen)

Thanks to Rotem Cohen for creating a collage of gagged mouths which dramatizes the impact of Judge Benny Sagi’s continuing gag against reporting the rape charge brought against Israeli journalist Yoav Even.  The judge in this case has sealed the media’s mouth, and sealed the ears and eyes of every Israeli who may not hear of this case and make judgments for him or herself about its importance for their lives.

While Israeli lower courts tend to side with powerful defendants in protecting their prerogatives and privilege, higher courts tend to look on such gags more skeptically.   I hope and urge an Israeli journalist to appeal Sagi’s ruling.

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