5 things you may not know about Silwan

5 things you may not know about Silwan

from The Only Democracy? by Jesse Bacon

The Israeli group Solidarity sent along this flyer from a joint action they did with Silwanic, a Palestinian center in the Silwan neighborhood that seeks to counter the erasure of Palestinian history by the right wing settler group ElAd that has been given dominion over its archeological sites. Feel free to download and share with any right wing family members you have who talk about the “City of David”  while ignoring its Palestinian residents.

You can also take part in Solidarity’s action on hipster travel guide Lonely Planet, to get them to exclude  ElAd from their book.

Common Solidarity protest signs read “Jerusalem is not Hebron.” For a stark video reminder of what it would mean if these settlers were to succeed in Silwan, here’s a video of a Palestinian family’s walk home from school in Hebron, h/t to Dorothy Naor of New Profile. Ironists should note that this takes place during the first day of Passover, the Jewish holiday commerorating the flight from slavery and subsequent wandering to reach home. This story has inspired countless other struggles throughout history, including the recent Egyptian revolution, but not as it appears the Israeli military.

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