Palestine/Israel Apartheid News: 3/28/11: West Bank: Beit Ummar to be fenced in from south


The WikiLeaks News & Views Blog for Monday, Day 121

from The Nation Blogs: Media Fix by Greg Mitchell

Israel orders evacuation for Tubas-area Bedouin

from World War 4 Report blogs by WW4 Report

West Bank: Beit Ummar to be fenced in from south

from World War 4 Report blogs by WW4 Report

Headlines for March 28, 2011

Israel orders evacuation for Tubas-area Bedouin

from World War 4 Report blogs by WW4 Report

Evacuation and demolition orders were handed out to a Bedouin family east of Tubas on March 27, local officials told Ma’an News Agency. The orders come amid concern from UNRWA officials who noted a near two-fold increase in home demolitions during the first two months of 2011. Nabil Mustafa Daraghmeh, the head of a Bedouin family in the Ein Al-Hilwa area outside of Tubas in the northern West Bank, was served papers demanding he and his family evacuate their tent home and move their herds elsewhere. Palestinian security officials said several Israeli military patrol cars arrived in the area to serve the papers, which gave Daraghmeh one day to leave the area.

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West Bank: Beit Ummar to be fenced in from south

from World War 4 Report blogs by WW4 Report

For a third day in a row, Israeli forces appeared in large numbers around the southern West Bank town of Beit Ummar March 28, installing road gates and fence posts in a move residents fear will close them in and stifle the population center. Local activist Mohammad Ayyad Awad told Ma’an News Agency that the installation of the infrastructure is impeding freedom of movement in the town, saying residents with cars were not permitted entry and exit for most of the day. Awwad said the installations were part of Israeli military preparations to fence the town in, and prevent residents from accessing the surrounding areas.

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Isabel Kershner: the ambassador of Israeli propaganda offices in the New York Times

Notice that not one passing reference to an Israel war is allowed in the New York Times without providing a justification for that war:  “The cease-fire has largely held since the end of Israel’s three-week military offensive in Gaza in the winter of 2008-9. That war came after years of rocket fire against southern Israel.

ADL: working hard to limit freedoms of speech

“ADL commended the UC Hastings College of Law Board of Directors for adopting a resolution that “the College should take all steps necessary to remove the Hastings name and brand from the ‘Litigating Palestine’ conference,” but expressed “deep disappointment” that the Board’s decision had not been implemented.  The conference, composed of a veritable who’s who of the anti-Israel movement, was designed to delegitimize and unjustly cast Israel as a pariah state under the guise of academic freedom.” (thanks Joseph)

This is Zionism

“The police investigation into the Itamar murders remains under a gag order. No individual Palestinian has been accused or even named as a suspect by the police. However, the resident of the neighboring Palestinian village Awarta, who have suffered for years from settler pogroms, are being collectively blamed and punished. According to a report by three International Solidarity Movement volunteers living under curfew in Awarta, Israeli soldiers and settlers have rampaged through the village in recent days, seeking murder suspects and the satisfaction that comes with retributive violence.   The soldiers reportedly destroyed property, stole money, defecated on the floors of homes, and blindfolded and beat residents, leaving one 28-year-old man so badly injured he had to be smuggled to a hospital in Nablus. Afterwards, approximately 300 masked settlers descended on the town and attacked its residents, breaking the arms of two men.  ”Why do you have to punish all this people?” an ISM activist asked one of the soldiers. ”We have to punish these people so they will understand,” the soldier reportedly replied.”

Amos Oz

Read what I had written about him before. I wrote an article-length commentary about him for Al-Akhbar, which appeared here in translation, and I tried to document his long history of racism and war-mongering. “Oz was never a radical. He even supported Operation Cast Lead in the beginning, embarrassingly enough – before quickly recovering, calling for a cease-fire and admitting the damage to the south and the brutal strike Israel carried out in Gaza were disproportionate.” This charlatan supported every Israeli war, and the then adjusts later to pose as a man of peace (he reminds me of Thomas Friedman regarding the US war on Iraq in 2003: he was a cheerleader and then when it failed, he posed as its critic). (thanks David)

P.S. My unpaid employee that gets paid in promises of blenders linked the translation to the Amos Oz articlehere.

Peace in Palestine?

from Jews sans frontieres by Levi9909

Here’s a letter in today’s Independent by my friend Diana Neslen:

It was with deep concern that I noted the headline of your report about the bomb in Jerusalem (24 March), stating it had shattered “seven years of peace”. During this time, Israel has invaded Gaza, laying waste to the land and killing 1,400 people, including 300 children.

Daily, there are incursions into Palestinian territory, to arrest and on occasion to kill Palestinians; there is an ongoing land and water grab by Israel, and Palestinians, including children, are arrested with impunity and incarcerated by the Israeli occupying forces, and are constant targets for attack by Israeli settlers.
All this while demolitions of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem continue apace and violence is meted out to non-violent demonstrators against the Wall. This does not sound like any form of peace that a neutral observer would recognise.
Diana Neslen
Jews for Justice for Palestinians, London W9
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