Sarah Palin: Meet the Occupation

Sarah Palin: Meet the Occupation


sarah palin & danny danonSarah Palin ‘reading Torah’ (an inside joke) at the Wall with Rabbi Rabinovitz and MK Danny Danon

Going back a few decades there used to be a hilarious parody of the Maine downeaster culture offered by a character named Bert (properly pronounced “Buht”), whose chief response to outliers lost in Maine was: “Ya can’t get there from heya.” Well, when Sarah Palin asked how to get to Bethlehem, that’s apparently something like what she heard from the IDF. 

The once and future candidate is making the requisite Holy Land pilgrimage apparently demanded of all right-wing evangelical presidential candidates. But today, she brought up short and learned a lesson in both Israeli geography and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict today when she came within yards of an IDF military checkpoint before entering the city of Bethlehem on her tour of Christian holy places.  Perhaps her dimwitted staff didn’t realize that Bethlehem isn’t inside Israel proper and that they’d have to cross into the Occupied West Bank to visit the birthplace of Jesus.  I’m a little unclear why they did an abrupt u-turn when they came to the military checkpoint.  Did they think Jewish voters might think worse of her for visiting Occupied Territory without also visiting settlements?

Ah, this picture with young far-right Likud MK Danny Danon warms the cockles of my pro-Israel heart, doesn’t it yours? Did you notice in the picture Sarah’s not wearing a shytel? You’d think she would. It would make her fit in perfectly.

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