Comment on “The Pentagon and Murder in Bahrain”

This is a pretty good muck-raking article exposing US military support for the Bahrain rulers, and other Gulf rulers. When you read it, (if you shared my own outlook) watch out for mentions of the “contradiction” between “American ideals” and America’s actions, about how the Pentagon and Gulf lobbyists pressured the Obama administration.

Note this quote: “Cowed by the Pentagon and its partners in the Arab lobby, the Obama administration has seemingly cast its lot with Bahrain’s anti-democratic forces and left little ambiguity as to which side of history it’s actually on.”

I see no evidence that Obama has been reluctant to support pro-US autocrats anywhere in the world. In my opinion, Obama (and Clinton) represent the “realist” wing of US imperialism.

This article is typical of the Nation magazine: great research, reveals lots of facts. But the authors can’t seem to draw logical conclusions from the facts.

Two thinkers helped me understand the facts much more clearly when I was younger, in college. Martin Luther King pointed out that “this nation was founded on slavery and genocide”. This has obvious consequences, given that this country has never honestly confronted its bloody past. And Lenin’s two works, “State and Revolution”, and “Imperialism”, were like a clap of thunder in opening my eyes to the obvious; well, “obvious” once you open eyes that have been throughly trained to stay shut or look away from inconvenient areas.

Anyway, read the article, it’s great exposure, and the Nation does a lot of great muckraking, despite their political and ideological blinders.


Tomgram: Nick Turse, The Pentagon and Murder in Bahrain

from TomDispatch – Blog by Nick Turse

The men walking down the street looked ordinary enough.  Ordinary, at least, for these days of tumult and protest in the Middle East.  They wore sneakers and jeans and long-sleeved T-shirts.  Some waved the national flag.  Many held their hands up high.  Some flashed peace signs…


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