Wahhabi anti-Shi`ite propaganda in Bahrain

Wahhabi anti-Shi`ite propaganda in Bahrain

from The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب by noreply@blogger.com (As’ad AbuKhalil)
Mahmood in Bahrain sent me this:  “These are the kind of quasi-fascist Wahhabis that the state uses to increase sectarian tensions. It’s utterly disgusting. The worst part is that people like him aren’t exactly fringe figures. I come from a conservative Sunni background myself and I can tell you with confidence that he has a following among the Sunni community.  In case you don’t have time (or the stomach!) to watch the entire clip, below is a summary of what he said. It’s signifcant because the government is now unleashing its most rabid sectarian demogogues. The ruling family is, in effect, threatening the opposition with civil war. The Formula One race has been cancelled, Fitch has degraded Bahrain a notch whereas Moody is reviewing it, and now some people are on strike. They’re really freaking out. Videos such as this indicate that things may get very ugly. Unlike Libya, Tunisia and Egypt, after all, the Bahraini state has not exhausted its means of terrorizing its population as of yet.

Anyway, here’s what the Glenn Beck of Bahrain said:
1) He cites a completely fabricated quote and attributes it to one of the major Shia opposition figures, Hassan Mushaima
2) He calls Lulu roundabount “muta’a roundabout” and that Shia TV stations lie because “taqiyya is part of their creed”
3) He demands the king allow the police and army to “take care of them” and threatens that the “Sunni community” may be driven to take matters into its own hand. He stresses on the need to cleanse the roundabount from “their filth”; and that “they’re used to living in filth”. He then warned that the protesters may attack Sunnis in their homes. Toward the end of the clip, he mocks the Bahaarna (who make up the vast majority of Bahraini Shias) dialect.
4) He demands that the government revoke the citizenship of the 18 Shia opposition MPs who have withdrawn from the parliament
5) Praises the Saudi King “Bu Mut’eb” who said “Bahrain is Saudi’s little daughter” which he is responsible for
The Federation of Labor Unions, which represents over 60 labor unions, said it will call for a general strike if the government decides to attack the protesters. Meanwhile, other forms of civil disobedience are being practiced, many of which are endorsed by the opposition.”


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