A strong anti-Israeli streak in the Egyptian uprising: meet the new foreign minister of Egypt

A strong anti-Israeli streak in the Egyptian uprising: meet the new foreign minister of Egypt

from The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب by noreply@blogger.com (As’ad AbuKhalil)
Superficial analysts who don’t know Arabic, like Thomas Friedman, commented that there were no foreign policy goals for the Egyptian uprising.  Of course, there were many chants and banners related to foreign policy: one of the most popular chant during the uprising was one that accused Mubarak of being an agent of Israel and US.  If that is not foreign policy, I am another son of Qadhdhafi.   But since the ouster of Mubarak, all appointments by the Military Council have attempted to respect the wishes of the protesters.  When I would ask people in the Square about attitudes to Israel, I would always be told to not worry: that all there are fiercely anti-Israel.  That has been proven by appointments.  I also noticed the new tone of the lousy foreign minister of Mubarak: Ahmad Abu Al-Ghayt.  In an interview with with a Tunisian daily, he said (before his dismissal) that Egyptian-US relations were never stable.  This puppet of Israel/US said that, contradicting decades of subservience by Mubarak to US/Israeli wishes.  Abu Al-Ghayt also said that future Egyptian-US relations will in the era of democracy be on equal footing, thereby admitting the previous subservience role that Mubarak’s regime represented.  All this to break this news to you: the Military Council has just appointed Nabil Al-`Arabi as the new foreign minister of Egypt.  If there is a man that Israel should be worried about, it is this man who had opposed Camp David. The show is only getting more interesting.


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