Yediot Finally Publishes Story of Kidnapping of Gaza Engineer

Yediot Finally Publishes Story of Kidnapping of Gaza Engineer

abu seesi storyYediot’s headline: ‘Claim: Mossad Kidnapped Palestinian Engineer’

It’s only taken three weeks, but finally today an Israeli publication has written about the kidnapping of Gaza’s chief power plant engineer by the Mossad in the Ukraine (which happened on February 18th).  Unfortunately, the reporter only repeated the story already published in Ukrainian media about the kidnapping.  He didn’t include the new development reported by my Israeli source that Dirar Abu Seesi is now in an Israeli prison.  No one has reported this despite the fact that I’ve informed a score of Israeli journalists about it.

UPDATE: An Israeli Russian language online news portal just reported my contribution to this story.  The story is slowly making its way out there.

The Jerusalem Media and Communications Centre (affiliated with the Israeli online think tank Bitterlemons) has reported my story and quoted extensively from it.  It’s only a matter of time before those sleeping giants of the Israeli press get on it.  After they get permission from the censor of course.

I posted my story at Rotter a few days ago and those intrepid souls who love a good news scoop promptly took it down.  When an Israeli friend posted it again they took that thread down as well.  The Israeli intelligence community definitely doesn’t want anyone knowing it has Abu Seesi.  Probably trying to get everything it can out of him before his fate is known and pressure starts being brought to bear to provide him with all the niceties typically offered to prisoners in western democratic systems like a lawyer and access to family, all of which are being denied him.

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