Protesting Israeli Diplomat Joins Sheikh Jarrah Demonstration

Protesting Israeli Diplomat Joins Sheikh Jarrah Demonstration

ilan baruch sheikh jarrahFormer Israeli ambassador Ilan Baruch at Sheikh Jarrah protest (Solidarity Sheikh Jarrah)

Among those joining last Friday’s weekly Sheikh Jarrah demonstration was recently retired Israeli senior diplomat Ilan Baruch.  This offers the government a double whammy.  First Baruch resigns in protest over the government’s charade of a peace plan which “disgusted” him and drove him into retirement.  Then within days he attends the Sheikh Jarrah protest, one of the most visible and vociferous public protests against the government’s land grab policies in East Jerusalem.

Haaretz reports that this week’s demonstration was especially violent and pitted the Solidarity activists and Palestinians against security forces and right-wing goons itching for a fight.

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