The Israel Project on Arab Revolutions: ‘Good for the Jews?’

The Israel Project on Arab Revolutions: ‘Good for the Jews?’

The Forward brings to us one of the most unintentionally funny articles of the week exploring how the Israel lobby is trying to get the Arab democratic revolutions to work for Israel, rather than against it.  Jennifer Lazlo-Mizrahi, married to the deputy head of Israel’s DC embassy and one of Israel’s premier enablers in the nation’s capital, as usual espouses some wonderfully outrageous views:

“We need to look at the opportunity and the promise,” said Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, founder and president of The Israel Project, which has been among the very few groups to engage in outreach to the Arab world. “We need to ask how can we make it good for the Jews.”

In the meantime, pro-Israel activists are getting used to a new language when communicating with the Arab world. It includes stressing the financial benefits of peace and the shared value of freedom. At the same time, it ignores the ongoing conflict with the Palestinians. Israel, in this new public diplomacy reality, is no longer referred to as the “only democracy” in the Middle East, but rather as the “most stable democracy” in the region, pro-Israel activists said.

You should never underestimate the Lobby’s tendency toward irrelevance when it comes to having anything real or probitive to say on any issue concerning Israel.  And they haven’t disappointed here either.  When facing the most momentous development in world history since 1989, all Mizrahi can ask is whether it’s good for the Jews.

And isn’t the new slogan “most stable autocracy” er, democracy in the Middle East a howler?  I am glad though they’re finally giving up the “only democracy” slogan since it’s been a lie since Turkey and Lebanon elected democratic governments.  Do you think if The Israel Project is finally giving up this hoary old piece of hasbara that commenters here will too?

One should ask though what a “stable” democracy means when said democracy presides over 40+ years of illegal Occupation of the lands of another people and refuses to compromise with this people in order to allow each to live in peace with the other.  Is this what stable democracies do?


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One Response to The Israel Project on Arab Revolutions: ‘Good for the Jews?’

  1. Jennifer says:

    Your work is so careless that you can’t even seem to spell my name correctly or figure out who I am married to (hint — NOT an Israel OR a diplomat). Time and again you belittle our peace work. Mean, mean, stuff — that is devoid of facts. Well, feel free to poke at us again and again. It will not sway us from working day and night for peace and a better future for BOTH sides! Don’t believe me? Go to

    And btw — when was the last time YOU were in Ramallah or any other part of the West Bank? I go and I care.

    Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi
    founder & president

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