The 4Cs of the Apocalypse

The 4Cs of the Apocalypse

from PA Editors Blog by Political Affairs

Wake up America!  Be not naive.  There is an agenda afoot in this country.  It is driven by the rich and powerful. I call it “the 4Cs of the Apocalypse”: The Corporate Capitalist Conservative Conspiracy.  The goal is to turn back the clock, to rewrite history.  The wealthy top two percenters have agreed to rescind FDR’s New Deal and LBJ’s War on Poverty.  That includes dismantling Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unions, collective bargaining, child labor laws, welfare, school lunches, all that is good for the poor and the middle class.

The 1980s is known as the “Decade of Greed.”  Naturally the 1980s began with Ronald Reagan.  This marked the beginning of the end of the American middle class.  On Wall Street Reagan declared: “Let loose the bulls,” meaning deregulate.  Give the corporate capitalists a free hand to raid the economy.  Reagan and his Republican successors set out to destroy the middle class by divide and conquer.  That is why they are attacking the unions.

The unions have been demonized.  With the propaganda of jealousy, the corporate capitalists are trying to set non-union workers against the unionized. Remember that management came first, then the unions.  In fact, unions are a reaction to bad management. The unions made the great American middle class, and the middle class made America great. It was the unions that enabled immigrant workers to send their sons and daughters to college, which created the American professional class.  The unions were responsible for the creation of America’s suburbia.  The unions provided the middle class with the purchasing power that made the corporate capitalists rich.  Why would these plutocrats attempt to kill the goose that laid their golden eggs?  The answer is simply “GREED.”

The corporate capitalist class is pathologically, suicidally lustful for more and more. They hope to suck up what wealth is still shared within the shriveling middle class. Consequently, the middle class will trickle down into the legions of the poor. The corporate capitalists commenced the onslaught by sending American jobs to undeveloped, non-union locations abroad for greater profits.  They intend to create a Social Darwinistic, dog-eat-dog environment in which workers gnaw at each other for fewer low paying jobs, like hyenas on a rotting carcass.  They hope to see workers stand barefoot, hat-in-hand, begging like peons at the boss man’s door.  The America the corporate conservative capitalists envision is one of haves and have nots; patricians and plebeians; lords and serfs; masters and slaves.

Wake up America!  Don’t be “tea-partied” into doing the capitalists’ dirty work.  Support your union, all unions.  Support liberal, progressive candidates.  Read.  Learn about socialism and the benefits and blessings enjoyed by citizens in socialistic societies.  Know thy enemy.

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