Islamophobes exploit Lara Logan to discredit Egyptian revolution

Islamophobes exploit Lara Logan to discredit Egyptian revolution

from World War 4 Report blogs by Bill Weinberg

As we’ve pointed out, the right is divided on the Egyptian and Arab revolutions—between neocons who have deluded themselves into thinking the Egyptians are following their “regime change” playbook, and more hardcore Islamophobes who can see only a fundamentalist threat in Arab masses rising to shake off their oppressors. Falling into the latter category is Phyllis Chesler—once, long ago, a feminist of basically progressive inclination but today a monomaniacal Muslim-basher who has defected to the right. She writes on David Horowitz‘s Front Page Mag Feb. 21 of “A War Crime in Cairo”—making hay of CBS reporter Lara Logan’s sexual abuse at the hands of Tahrir Square protesters. She uses the incident to sneer at “mainstream American media” portrayals of the protesters as “brave pro-democracy freedom fighters.”

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